'Weaving Portrait' is the final project for Intro to Computational Media(ICM) course of NYU ITP. 
My plan for this project was making weaving image like a tapestry by combining viewer's portrait and a photo of nature. I made it work by using webcam and prepared landscape photos, but it's not looking united as a piece of image. So I used two smilar portraits taken by photographer David Bailey, who has his own specific style, to make this result looking good aesthetically. 

● Make grid of rotating 3D boxes by using double for loop. In this work, canvas size is 600 x 600 and size of each boxes are 60. That means 12 x 12 boxes on the webGL canvas.
● Load prepared two images which size is the same as canvas, and divide these 12 x 12 sectors by using "get()". And make each sector images to array so that I can map the grid of boxes with images of each sector.
● Map the boxes with divided images. Choose the boxes of odd numbers in the grid to map the first image, and use second image for even number boxes.
Portrait of Michael Caine by David Bailey. 1965
Portrait of Jude Law by David Bailey. 2004
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