The Challenge
Finding a solution to help people walk without looking at their phones. 
Researchers have found that, over a decade’s time, texting and walking has caused more than 11,100 injuries. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, pedestrian deaths numbered 5,376—and were the only group of road users whose fatality numbers increased.

study out of the U.K. reported that “writing a text message whilst walking” resulted in significant adaptations in gait. Writing a text message whilst walking resulted in the greatest adaptions in visual search and gait compared to reading a text and talking on a mobile phone.
- "The impact of mobile phone use on where we look and how we walk when negotiating floor based obstacles" by Matthew A. Timmis, Herre Bijl, Kieran Turner, Itay Basevitch, Matthew J. D. Taylor, Kjell N. van Paridon. 2017
The number of pedestrian injuries and deaths is increasing year by year. Besides the articles I quoted, there are many studies and articles about this issue. Texting while walking is a big problem we all share now.
There’s a simple solution, according to the National Safety Council:
  - Do not walk, talk, and text.
  - If you have to talk or text, move out of the way of others and to the side of the walkway.
  - Do not cross or walk in the street while using an electronic device.
  - Do not walk with headphones in your ears.
  - Be aware of your surroundings, especially in congested areas.

But most people still continues to do so, despite of all the regulations.

So I planned to launch a campaign to provoke people not to use their smartphones while walking. Based on the solution NSC suggested, I designed a iOS feature, Walking Mode.
How it works
As a starting point, I designed a feature for apple iOS. Like an airplane mode in iOS, Walking Mode can be easily found and toggled in the control center. (by swiping down top right of the screen)

Automatic/ Manual
User can set this to be turned on automatically or manually.
It is almost like 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' in Do Not Disturb.

When it’s set automatic, Walking Mode will be activated automatically based on detected motion.(by the number of steps and walking distance) For instance, when users walk more than 50 steps, which is approximate distance of half block in NYC, Walking Mode is automatically activated.

When it's set manual, the user can toggle Walking Mode.
What It Does
When Walking Mode is activated, iOS blocks all screen based apps including text. 
User can answer the call, listen to music, but volume cannot be turned up over the certain amount to allow users to recognize the surroundings.

According to the setting, phone sends auto-reply to the incoming message.
It might break by sending “urgent” as an additional message.

Here is the video I created in order to help the campaign. Stop walking with your head down, turn on your walking mode and look up.
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