On April 16th, 2014, a ferry called Sewol has gone under in South Korea. Most of the victims were high school students. This work is for remembering that day and the victims.
In this project, the player is going to be a diver so that they can dive into the sea and explore inside.

<Key Instructions>
Press any key to dive into the water.
Arrow Keys - Move/Swim
C - Swim Down
Space - Swim Up
Shift - Swim Slowly

Floating stones are trigger points for the hints. When the player gets close to it, texts that give hint for context come up. These stones lead the player to the last scene.
At the last point, the player encounters the scene that over 350 desks and chairs, waiting for someone. Each group of desks represents each classroom by following actual seat positions of classrooms in the high school of the victims.
When the player gets to this point, ambiance sound of high school classroom is playing.
The desks and chairs are buried half of their bodies in the earth because it's been a long time since the disaster happened. This represents gravestones for students at the same time.
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