'Playground' is the mid-term project for Worlds On A Wire course in ITP.
For the story, I thought about the moment that I really wanted to make it as fantasy.
Because in real life, I cannot change anything already happened in my life but in fiction, it’s possible.

This story is based on my personal experience.
My cousin had a daughter, but she’d lost her by accident.
Her daughter was playing on the swings with her friends at the nearest playground from home. But suddenly, for nobody’s fault, the swing turned upside down and her daughter fell off from it.
Her head hit the ground first and started to throw up.
And because there’s no one can do emergency care, she choked on vomit and became brain-dead.

That was the first death of close family for me and the first moment that I began to think about death and its power.
It happened about 10 years ago and nobody’s talking about this now, but I tried to commemorate it for myself.

Unreal Engine 4/ Adobe FUSE/ MakeHuman/ mixamo/ notch/ Autodesk motionbuilder
For the motion of crying, I used Notch to capture the motion, and put that rig to my character in Autodesk motionbuilder. 
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