Pinocchio VR is a virtual reality experience, which allows player and spectators participate together. Player becomes Pinocchio in the belly of the whale, and receives questions from the whale. Do not lie to the whale! Or you will be trapped in the belly and never escape.

 Anastasis Germanidis, Jeff Park, Dong Chan Kim
Questions on VR
6 : 1
This is the rate of total visit time and VR experience time that I personally felt when I visit the VR conference or Immersive section of the film festivals. If I participate in the event for two hours, it means that I spend only about 20 minutes to appreciate actual VR piece. What about the rest of the time? Waiting.

It's also a question that I had personally, or as a team, when I was creating and showing VR projects. So far, VR usually has only one viewer at a time, so there is a long line behind the viewer who puts headset on. I am thankful for the waiting line as a creator, but at the same time, I feel sorry for those who wait. So the question that I had when I was working on this project was this.

"Can we make VR a multi-person experience instead of a single one? "

Our Answer

"Don't let the audience just stare at the monitor and wait,
but let them talk to the player in virtual reality."

Conversation between audience and player was the key to this. I was wondering what kind of conversation would be good for the them to have, and I thought of a game in the form of truth or dare, in which the player would answer questions from the audience.

I transformed Truth or Dare into a fairy tale situation, Pinocchio in the belly of the whale, which is familiar to many people. Pinocchio's nose become grow whenever he tells a lie. So if the player becomes Pinocchio and plays a game of truth, I thought I can create tricky situation that when the player tells a lie, his nose would get longer and he would be in trouble.

Level Design
MIC for voice
Lie Detector
Nose Interaction
How to play
 In virtual reality, the player becomes Pinocchio in the belly of the whale. As time passes, the belly of the whale is filled with water. When the water is full in whale stomach, player has to escape to the whale's blowhole above.

Pinocchio is asked by the whale. This whale is an audience outside the virtual reality, and if they ask questions through the microphone, it turns into a whale's voice and it's heard by the player.

The player has a lie detector on their hand. When the player lies, Pinocchio's nose becomes longer in virtual reality, and if his nose is too long until the water is full, he can not go out through the blowhole.

The long Pinocchio nose can touch things around him. If he keeps telling lies, his nose can even touch things that are far away, but it gets harder to escape.

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