DanCe DanCe is an AR app, which allows users to put an avatar of DC anywhere they want and make him dance. Purely entertaining.
"Although I'm not a good dancer,
I can make myself dance in Augmented Reality"

Design Process
3D Scan
To transform myself into 3D model, I used photogrammetry, which extracts 3D model out of 2D photographs. First, I needed to stand still with T-pose, and my friend walked around me and took pictures of every angle. To get the best result, it is important to take detailed shots as well. I used 74 pictures of me to make 3D model.  
Import the photos into Photoscan. This program allows me to make 3D modeling out of photography. This process requires a lot of trial and error.
Clean the modeling and make rough surface smooth with Zbrush.
Finished model! I couldn't get full detail of hands, but it looks great.
I could animate 3D model by using mixamo. There are many different pre-animated motions that can be applied for the human shape 3D modeling. All you need to do is preparing the 3D model and setting the location of joints.
Process of scanning myself using photogrammetry
AR application
Unity & ARKit
I developed an AR application with Unity 3D and ARKit. The feature of this app is basically putting myself(3D model) into augmented world, so that I can dance anywhere I want to. From school, home, even to public spaces. 
Application Info
  ●  When you turn on the application, there’re four button.
  ●  Touch screen: Place avatar on the surface
  ●  Look At:  Make avatar look at the camera
  ●  Dance: Make avatar dance
  ●  + / - : Scale Up/Down the size of the avatar
Trial use of application in the public space. I could dance in front of people without interruption! 
I put my avatar in Unreal Engine, which is a program for making game, to get more realistic render. It was so fun to play with my avatar, make him dance and also do the camera work. 
If I had more time, I would make more avatars with different costumes and more dancing motions. I think the ideal application would have built-in 3D scanning feature, so that users can make their own avatar and play with it. I hope this little journey will take me there someday!
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